Computing before, now, and in the future

In the past century, we have seen rapid growth in the way society receives and sends information. One of the leading elements that have added to this change is the use and constant growth of technology. It is that change and growth that has to lead us to live a life where computing surrounds us during our daily environment.

Before, directories were available universally on the streets via the yellow book. Before we could receive a message on our pagers. Before we had to wait for our home connection to start up. We have seen various life cycles of receiving information and staying connected. Now we have the technology available to keep us on track wherever we go. To some, this might be the dawn of something bigger, better, and revolutionizing, and to others, it might be a world of foreseen security breaches and privacy concerns.

Some the pros and cons of this evolutionary change have sparked multiple debates and in the process, opened up conversations in this ever-changing space.


      • Ability to stay connected in whatever time, place, and space you occupy.
      • Open doors to new information and data that can be monetized, tracked and analyzed.
      • Buying and decision making power at the touch of a button.


      • Security discrepancies and privacy concerns.
      • Identity theft and intellectual property theft.
      • Trade secret Hacks.

These are just a few of the many topics surrounding this shift in computing, but many exist that are considering changing the way in which we interact with our smart devices. The matter is, with any growth or extension to any market, the reality is that there will be challenges to follow.

Alice Vlasova

Alice Vlasova

I feel like web development is poetry in motion, with textures and planes that align to create something from scratch. It feels like waiting for waves at 5 am in the pitch black darkness of the morning. Also, I am really into the geek culture, 80's horror movies, and role playing games.

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