According to Statista smartphone penetration for 2012 was forecasted at 36.6 percent, we actually ended the year with a 55% penetration rate in the US. Data shows that the US is not alone, penetration rates around the world are increasing.

It is no surprise that mobile development is at an all-time high. But is there such a thing as too many apps?

Building a mobile app can be as easy as typing “Mobile App Builder” on your Google search bar and signing up for a membership with one of the providers.

So what is stopping anyone from just building an app and placing it on a mobile app distribution platform such as Google Play? Who is monitoring design? quality? content?

To some extent the distribution platform does, but the one truly assessing the app is the user. The user is the one who says is something is buggy or poorly developed. We as users and developers need to be wise and exercise caution, don’t just develop something to jump on the mobile bandwagon but keep people’s interest in mind. Or else we will be flooded with apps, even useless ones!

So it is established that smartphone users are increasing, their needs will be vast, let’s turn the microphone back to you guys. We have created a short survey to get your feedback on what type of apps your currently using and what you would like to see in the market.

Ethan Brown

Ethan Brown

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