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This year, Advancio Talks took center stage with a series of YouTube and Facebook live programs. The series will focus on showcasing and spotlighting leadership locally, regionally, and nationally in tech, talent and culture, sales, marketing, and more. Read and view the highlights below for Episode 1.

On January 5, 2017 program developer and host, Christian Lopez, welcomed Josie Lopez, COO of Advancio on the platform to discuss tips on talent and culture. Read the full transcript below.

Why Is Culture Important?

Culture can make or break employee performance and behavior. It’s all about your employees as an organization at least that is my methodology. Your employees either give good customer service, bad customer service, they perform at their ultimate, or they perform at their minimum. So, all of that reflects your end product, whether you’re building a fan, or whether you’re building an intangible product like customer service, or you’re giving a service to a client. Anything goes back to your product. If you don’t have the best product out there, then your selling yourself short, and your culture is at the heart of that because your employees are the ones building your product.

How does Advancio drive culture?

Were a work in progress I have to stress that were trying to create items that sometimes have never been done and certain programs that might not have ever been done. What are we cutting edge about? It’s new. Innovation. It’s looking at items that are otherwise not stated on there but need that needs to be addressed and kind of creating programs that help address that needs and revisiting. Looking at the numbers. Is the satisfaction of the employee still at its ultimate? Well maybe it was when the program began but then the program fell short. Why did it fall short and how can we enhance it to complete the ultimate goal. So it’s kind of… being innovative, coming out with that solution quickly, and then monitoring it and enhancing it and just keep at it, keep at it, keep at it.

For small businesses that don’t really have a huge HR department, maybe sometimes they outsource it…

What type of advice would you give them to start?

I think it all starts with you. If you are a small business and I’m talking to maybe COO or the Co-Founder, or the Founder… if you are HR it starts with you. What type of culture do you want in your organization, what types of benefits do you want for yourself, and maybe you can’t afford them right away but maybe they become something that will be attained when you get something else. So if I hit $100,000 in revenue, I am going to give myself vision or I am going to sign up for Covered California. Put yourself in something you would want and your employees are going to want you to know the same thing. Even though you might not be able to obtain it right then and there… because of the revenue or some type of resource constraint, make it a goal to try to get there because it becomes a roadmap to what you are trying to achieve. I think it all starts with you.

If you could summarize to our audience the keywords or key drivers for culture and talent, what would they be?

If you’re passionate about culture, your employees will be passionate about culture, and they’re going to yield high productivity and high performance.

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