Let's explore some creative ways to improve your web design.

You might be proficient in almost every digital web design tool available, from Adobe Suite to React Native. These tools are all amazing in their own regard, helping you to create a great UX/UI mash-up with a clean design that carries your brand and gives value to your users; but . . . are these tools enough?

We need to stop drowning in the digital noise.

Nowadays everyone is playing catch up with the latest and greatest technology to stay relevant. However, now it’s the time to start looking to past practices and use them as tools. Let’s take a different angle and intensify the impact of digital tech trends with the use of hands-on practices, increase your focus with some of the techniques with human talent at its core, such as:

Pen & Paper

Nothing can replace the feeling and experience of writing on paper. While digital tools are a game changer to increase workflow productivity and efficiency, traditional methods work in mysterious ways. They help you slow down and focus on what’s important, complemented by simplicity and freedom to guide to towards solutions to complicated problems.

While web design is all about specific programming languages, the result is linked to a visual interface where many elements can interfere with the user’s interaction. Turn the noise off and:

  • Think
  • Play around
  • Make early design mistakes
  • Slow down

Next time you feel stuck, remember to grab any good old notebook and pen, take your time, and let your hand find the way one line or shape at a time.

Join Your Community

We live in a communication paradox. New paradigms have formed around technology and with an overwhelming amount of information overload, we tend to isolate ourselves behind a monitor. Leverage technology and reach out to your community, interact with other people,  and don’t be afraid to ask for feedback face-to-face. I know there are plenty of forums and platforms to interact with other designers on, but there is something very special when you are surrounded by people who think in like-minded ways and understand your feelings.

Some benefits that only come from meeting your community members in person are:

  • Bonding
  • Minimizing misunderstandings
  • Reading Body Language
  • Motivation and inspiration

My recommendation is to start attending mixers, conventions, and conferences. Reach out to people that understand the daily joys and pains of doing what you live.

Unleash Your Feelings

We are programmed to follow statistics and set feelings aside. It is just the way society is, leaving a very important part of your decision-making process out of the picture, making the risk assessment and creative thinking hard for cautious people. If at some point in the development process you need to present a proposal for a client, then guess what? You should make an educated decision based on experience, research, or colleague recommendations.

The point is, no matter how much data you have to make a well-informed decision, eventually the time when your personal insight is the breaking point will come and will be the difference between success and failure. You should be aware of two things when taking intuitive action:

  • Trust
  • Integrity

What do you think? Are these tools not significant enough to stay relevant in the tech-driven environment that we live in today? Tell me your opinion, I’m all ears.

Ellen Garcia

Ellen Garcia

I am a contributor for Advancio while I wait for my digestion to kick in. It’s a never ending cycle that I personally don't want to stop ever. I like a good stroll through the park and a quick shopping session after work. Contact me if you want to have a great conversation on why cats are better than dogs.