How to build a team that works with you in mind

Technology has revolutionized the way in which we connect, interact, and ultimately communicate. The challenging aspect of technology is the speed in which it changes and evolves. Consumers, small business, private entities and public companies have had to adjust and reestablish their business objectives according to this rapidly changing panorama.

With new and evolving technology on the rise, a new type of consumer is emerging and quickly becoming the norm. The consumer now has more power, access to more information, and with that, has the tools to actively shop wiser. In the process, business owners have had to adjust to these changes and adapt to their clients’ needs while maintaining a competitive edge.

So it is to no surprise that more than ever companies are looking for talent to close the gap to account for the shift to today’s leading innovations. The information exchange space has pushed software production into the forefront of a company’s lifecycle and has become an integral piece in how businesses operate. It is through this space that companies are facing challenges both on acquiring the right human capital as well as the right resources to face these barriers for the future.

Some challenges companies are facing is integration with their information technology departments and with their current business model. Software engineers are too many times misconstrued as geeks, nerds, scientist…and those smarts, equate and add value to building great systems. The reality is creativity and resourcefulness is at the heart of any software system. A production engine that builds great systems needs innovation, desire to increase efficiency, and endless amounts of creativity to execute.

It is to no surprising conclusion that businesses are seeking out talent that they can bring onboard to address these changes and stay ahead of the curve. At the same time, the need for these talents has created a vortex of scarcity due to competition.

Silicon Valley, otherwise known as the Mecca of technology has become a benchmark for human capital efficiency and acquisition. Besides its geographical setting, many tech giants (6 of the top 10) have access to venture capital, schools, and pools of talent. So what else makes this region what it is today and why are so many the industry talents seeking out these giants? Well, the answer is not so simple and yet alone, tangible.

I had the pleasure of visiting the area and some of the facilities from some of the companies. A simple walk and observation to a local cafe helped me understand this eagerness to understand why and how this region acts to develop technology innovators.

Upon my arrival, I noticed hubs, incubations, hack sessions, as well application workshops all within one area. At first, my initial thought was, “Wow, what is the deal here?” For a moment I thought I was caught up in a whirlwind of chaos but immediately after observation, I fell into a trance of creativity, agile development, and an open forum for innovation. Everyone worked together toward a common goal to solve complex problems but by keeping one another’s vital role into consideration. It was then that I thought to myself, “How can companies recreate this atmosphere in their IT departments?”

I then gathered that it all starts with the environment, setting, and culture we create for creative minds alike. Although the goal is to stay ahead with up to date technologies and build a strategic plan that can account for today’s trends, it starts first with the team that can get you there. More than ever, it is vital to invest into talent that works for you, with you and delivers on the key components that make your business thrive. Without an atmosphere that fosters the key aspects needed to build great systems, we all can lose out on something great…to inspire, motivate, and create great systems.

Harry Newman

Harry Newman

I consider myself a spirit that codes freely. I enjoy living by my laptop, traveling all over and reporting about interesting tech or perspectives. You can find me at a cafe grabbing a cup of coffee.

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